1. CrossFit Month-to-month: Unlimited Classes ($189)

Our All-Level class utilizes the CrossFit methodology. You will run, jump, lift, pull, push and squat. The workouts are constantly varied each day. The classes are high energy, positive and motivating. The average class size is around 8 athletes and we have a mix of beginner, intermediate and elite athletes. The coaches assist with form, technique and scaling to ensure each athlete maximizes the class.

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The general structure of the class is as follows: 1. Dynamic Warm-Up (10 Min) 2. Instruction (5-10 min) 3. Strength/Skill Work (20 min) 4. Instruction (5-10 min) 5. Metcon (metabolic conditioning) (5-25 min) 6. Cool-down (5-10 min)

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